A Man Like None Other Chapter 991

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A Man Like None Other Chapter 991

Synopsis A Man Like None Other:

As they felt Jared’s terrifying killing purpose, all of them had solemn appears on their faces.
“Who sent you?” Jared stopped in the front of the 5 and requested in a cold voice.
“Jared, they’re part of the Deragons!” Rayleigh shouted in the back of him.
Jared’s eyes twitched some instances upon the point out of the Deragons. He gritted his tooth and stated, “I will wage a battle against the Deragons quickly enough. So why don’t I begin it with the five of you these days?
“Jared, we had no choice to kill everybody. All we wanted become to take you to the Deragons. If you follow us obediently, we promise no longer to lay a finger on you.”
Enoch stared at Jared as he spoke.
“Follow you?” The golden light from before all of sudden enveloped Jared before an enormous charisma erupted from his frame. “None of you’re allowed to leave these days. I’m going to take your lives!”

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A Man Like None Other Chapter 991

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Authors: Anonymous
Genres: Adventure & Action
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Title: A Man Like None Other
Status: Ongoing

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