A Man Like None Other Chapter 973

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A Man Like None Other Chapter 973

Synopsis A Man Like None Other:

Confronted with Quito’s hole eyes and relentless struggling, Enoch added two palms that have been slightly aglow with a gilded light which he tapped rapidly in opposition to Quito’s temple.

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The gilded light dissolved into Quito’s noggin, causing the fifth dad or mum’s body to desist from its nation of agitation. The existence had also back to his previously unfocused eyes.

“Enoch… W-Why are you guys staring at me like that?” requested Quito, somewhat perturbed by using the traumatic appears on the faces of his peers.

“You had fallen for someone’s Seduction Technique and did now not even comprehend it. G*ddammit! Haven’t I informed both of you so typically earlier than not to provide in to the temptation of lust while we’re out on missions?” Enoch hollered at Quito in severity.

His words precipitated Quito and Catur to bow their very own heads in shame. Of the 5, those have been the two maximum lecherous ones, and it turned into for that very purpose that Quito fell for Lyanna’s Seduction Technique.

“Curse that conniving woman! I’m going to kill her!”

Wrought through shame and rage, Quito did now not assume himself to fall prey to Lyanna’s deviousness.

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A Man Like None Other Chapter 973

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Authors: Anonymous
Genres: Adventure & Action
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Title: A Man Like None Other
Status: Ongoing

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