A Man Like None Other Chapter 968

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A Man Like None Other Chapter 968

Synopsis A Man Like None Other:

Taking a deep breath while he held Lizbeth, a delicate whiff of fragrance slipped inside Catur’s nostrils.

“Mmm, that smells wonderful!” The fourth guardian’s eyes were aglow before he regarded Altan. “Such a brute you are, Altan. Where might you expect to find another pretty thing like this if you were to mess her up?”

Catur stroked Lizbeth’s chin with his fingers and evoked a licentious smirk on his face as he spoke, while the immobilized Lizbeth could only glare indignantly at Catur, subject to his mercy.


That scene had Rayleigh gnashing his teeth. “Get your hands off of Lizbeth! Let go of her!”

“Too late for that, Rayleigh. You had your chance just now, but the ship had sailed,” said Catur smugly.

“Lizbeth!” With sword in hand, Lyanna lunged at Catur in an attempt to free her own companion.

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A Man Like None Other Chapter 968

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Authors: Anonymous
Genres: Adventure & Action
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Title: A Man Like None Other
Status: Ongoing

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