A Man Like None Other Chapter 966

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A Man Like None Other Chapter 966

Synopsis A Man Like None Other:

Give up Jared now, Rayleigh, and for antique times’ sake, I’d see to it that none of you will come to damage. Should you refuse, then don’t blame me for being ruthless,” Enoch issued his hazard with steely eyes upon Rayleigh.

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“Save your breath. There’s no manner I’d hand Jared over to you,” spoke back an adamant Rayleigh.

“You’re literally relationship demise…”

Deeply incensed as properly, the chief of the guardians stormed toward Rayleigh


The blanched fur on its body erect, the white wolf lunged itself toward the guardian with its lengthy fangs baring.

“Hmph! Stupid beast…” snorted Enoch earlier than he swiped on the wolf with his open palm.

Dodging out of the way with its nimble frame, the white wolf then went on to rip into Enoch’s shoulder with its eager claws.

Streaks of blood seemed, instantly placing the parent’s eyes aflame.

“D*mned beast! I’m going to have you ever killed and your beast center extracted nowadays!”

Tightening his fingers into a pair of fists, Enoch coalesced a blinding light round his knuckles. He then struck out on the white wolf in tandem with a ravaging typhoon stirring in his wake.

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A Man Like None Other Chapter 966

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Authors: Anonymous
Genres: Adventure & Action
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Title: A Man Like None Other
Status: Ongoing

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