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When His Eyes Opened Chapter 1671

Synopsis When His Eyes Opened:

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“I recognize your mom has high blood pressure. If your mom doesn’t have excessive blood pressure, I’ll just quarrel with her. Am I pretending to have a stomachache?” Tammy stroked her stomach, “Jun, do you remorse being with me?”

Jun: “How ought to it be. If I couldn’t stand your violent temper, I could have run away.”

Tammy glared at him: “I clearly don’t know in case you’re praising me or hurting me.”

“Equally divided, but it’s true that I love you.” Jun reached out and touched her belly, and stated in a low voice, “Tammy, I know you adore me too.”

“Bullsh*t, if I don’t love you, I don’t must have children at all. I’m sour and need to have youngsters. Isn’t it all the strain from your parents?” Tammy glared at him at a glance.

Jun smiled, “I recognize how suitable you’re to me, I will maintain it in my coronary heart. Let’s take a nap. When I wake up, I will visit my dad and mom.”

“You and them are true. Say, don’t without a doubt get mad at them.” Tammy positioned down the smartphone, “My mom just sent me a message saying that your mom wishes me to have a 2d toddler.”

Jun spoke back embarrassedly, “They follow me. I said it, I don’t care. It’s as easy as pulling a radish to have a infant. I requested them why they didn’t have a 2d baby within the first area, but they didn’t say whatever.”

Tammy: “Hahaha! You are so awful!”

Jun: “Wife, come and kiss one.”

Tammy hugged his head and gave him a strong kiss at the face.


Two days later.


The snow stopped and the snow within the yard began to melt.

The temperature has gotten chillier.

Elliot and Avery invited Gwen and Ben Schaffer to have dinner together

Thiago added: “What is your attitude toward us little sweet. It’s additionally clear. It’s now not that we can’t stay with out your son. If you arrange a blind date for Jun in private, we received’t welcome you as visitors within the future. My daughter will no longer be wronged, and neither do we.”

“Of path, so long as you’re type to Tammy within the destiny and don’t do matters in person and at the back of your lower back, we will nonetheless get alongside properly. After all, Jun is very filial to us, similar to my very own son. I am very happy with this son-in-regulation.” Thiago squinted and smiled with pleasure.

The hearts of the 2 elders of the Hertz own family had been about to be pierced.

The son who raised him so difficult, ran away with different girls, and even went to filial piety to other human beings’s dad and mom.

In the room.

Jun wanted to go out and give an explanation for to his mother and father, but turned into held back by way of Tammy.

“Are you stupid? Are you going out to fight?” Tammy lay down on the mattress, “Your parents are angry now, you should watch for them to calm down earlier than going to them.”

“Yes!” Jun sat down beside her, “I’m simply worried approximately my mom. My mother has excessive blood stress.”

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When His Eyes Opened Chapter 1671

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Authors: Simple Silence
Genres: Romance
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Title: When His Eyes Opened
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